Watch sessions from day one of ZESC at COP26

The 2021 Zero Emissions Solutions Conference brings together leaders and scientists from businesses, governments, and academia from around the world. Happening on the sidelines of COP26, the ZESC hosts up to fifteen sessions across the first week of COP featuring distinguished speakers who will showcase solutions relevant to the high-level champions thematic days including policy technology solutions for: finance, energy, youth, and nature.

  • 1B. Delivering Climate Neutral Districts

    This panel discussion was framed around a whole systems approach to develop the Climate Neutral Districts Vision that crosses city and region and the collaborative effort that frames the approach. The panel focused on the development of long-term pathways, investment plans, investment strategies, the range of solutions being studied and integrated, how these are supported by city and regional policies and planning, and how they integrate with other projects and developments. Examples were showcased from both the Glasgow City Region in Scotland and San Diego County in California.

  • 1C. Learning from Crisis: COVID to Climate

    This session was developed in collaboration with Springer Nature and SDSN. During two Roundtable sessions held in October 2021, experts across natural, applied, and social science disciplines were brought together to discuss similarities and differences between the COVID-19 and climate crisis under the following two themes: 1. Structural Inequalities- Gender, Race, and Poverty and 2. Motivating Behavior Change and Addressing Misinformation. The co-chairs from these roundtables shared their findings and a Q&A followed.