Watch sessions from day four of ZESC at COP26

The 2021 Zero Emissions Solutions Conference brings together leaders and scientists from businesses, governments, and academia from around the world. Happening on the sidelines of COP26, the ZESC hosts up to fifteen sessions across the first week of COP featuring distinguished speakers who will showcase solutions relevant to the high-level champions thematic days including policy technology solutions for: finance, energy, youth, and nature.

  • 4A. Net Zero Cities of the Future

    To achieve Net Zero emissions, we need to transform our cities. This session explored the existing and emerging technological solutions and the policy and governance considerations to get us there. Looking into both the built environment and the energy systems from which our cities operate, this session captured solutions and case studies to inform cities who are seeking pathways to net-zero emissions. This session was also a special opportunity to hear from both Monash University (Winner of the 2018 UN Momentum for Change Award) and ENGIE, a global energy company, and their plans for accelerating Monash’s NetZero Initiative to achieve Monash University’s net-zero by 2030 goal.

  • 4B. The Local Pathways Fellowship: Young Solutions to Our Cities

    This session showcased young leaders within the Local Pathways Fellowship Youth Initiative and their youth-led projects for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. These projects provide examples of solutions for sustainable development in urban environments that span 180 cities. This session highlighted the potential of the youth by showcasing what can be done when they are given the tools and knowledge needed to implement solutions to the most pressing challenges in their cities.

  • 4C. Emory Climate Talks with Youth Climate Activists

    This session showcased youth activists from the indigenous community and both from the Global South and North to discuss the climate movement that youth activists are pushing for.